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Choosing The Best Property Management Company

When you spend a lot of money on investment property, you want it to be properly managed and for it to earn the most amount of money possible. Although you could probably manage it on your own, most people give this responsibility to a professional Mesa property management company instead.

7 Awesome Ways to Find a Good Property Manager

Use the following tips when looking for a good property manager:

1. Choose a Property Management Company in Your Area

When it comes to real estate, location is everything. This is also true when it comes to real estate knowledge. Experienced property managers know how to get the best tenants, set the best rental prices, and they have great contacts. Their knowledge is beneficial to you.

2. Perform Due Diligence

Research, the property managers in your local area. The internet is a good resource for finding this type of information. Read a few online reviews about property management companies in your area. Get reviews from both customers and fellow real estate investors. Use the following resources and find a good property manager.

  • Google- Perform a fast, online search for reputable property managers in your area.
  • Real Estate Websites- Sites such as “Domain” and “” are the two largest online sites in Australia. Both of these sites have resources that can help find the best property management companies in Australia.
  • This site has reviews given from the perspective of other investors. They give insight into what you can expect from various property management companies. However, use common sense when reading most of their opinions.
  • WOMO- Word of Mouth Online is another website with good insight into property managers. It is a business review site. This site is a directory. It lists over 6,000 Australian property management companies.

3. Listen to Word of Mouth

According to Habib, the best way to find great property managers is to listen to word of mouth comments from clients. Not only is it a reliable source, but it comes from people who have actually used the service. It is not driven by advertising or marketing information.

4. Ask Plenty of Questions

Most property management companies have great looking websites with plenty of information. Many times, it’s tempting just to read this info and make a decision on your own. But you need to dig deeper and ask questions. Don’t rely on professionally crafted ad campaigns. Create a list of questions you can pose to prospective property management companies.

5. Determine What They Can Offer

As expected, there are different types of property managers, and they all have different types of services. Know what you need and what you are getting before hiring a property manager.

6. Analyze Communication Skills

The best property managers know that communication is key. Only work with a property manager that responds effectively and quickly to your calls. It doesn’t matter if it’s about repair, tenant problems or general concerns. Ensure your chosen property manager has great communication skills, is easy to contact and keeps you updated.

7. Consider all Costs

It’s your investment, which means that all monetary decisions are important. However, this isn’t the only thing you should be concerned about. It is always said that you get what you pay for, and this is especially true when dealing with investment properties. But then again, remember that price is not everything.