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Choosing The Best Property Management Company

When you spend a lot of money on investment property, you want it to be properly managed and for it to earn the most amount of money possible. Although you could probably manage it on your own, most people give this responsibility to a professional Mesa property management company instead.

7 Awesome Ways to Find a Good Property Manager

Use the following tips when looking for a good property manager:

1. Choose a Property Management Company in Your Area

When it comes to real estate, location is everything. This is also true when it comes to real estate knowledge. Experienced property managers know how to get the best tenants, set the best rental prices, and they have great contacts. Their knowledge is beneficial to you.

2. Perform Due Diligence

Research, the property managers in your local area. The internet is a good resource for finding this type of information. Read a few online reviews about property management companies in your area. Get reviews from both customers and fellow real estate investors. Use the following resources and find a good property manager.

  • Google- Perform a fast, online search for reputable property managers in your area.
  • Real Estate Websites- Sites such as “Domain” and “” are the two largest online sites in Australia. Both of these sites have resources that can help find the best property management companies in Australia.
  • This site has reviews given from the perspective of other investors. They give insight into what you can expect from various property management companies. However, use common sense when reading most of their opinions.
  • WOMO- Word of Mouth Online is another website with good insight into property managers. It is a business review site. This site is a directory. It lists over 6,000 Australian property management companies.

3. Listen to Word of Mouth

According to Habib, the best way to find great property managers is to listen to word of mouth comments from clients. Not only is it a reliable source, but it comes from people who have actually used the service. It is not driven by advertising or marketing information.

4. Ask Plenty of Questions

Most property management companies have great looking websites with plenty of information. Many times, it’s tempting just to read this info and make a decision on your own. But you need to dig deeper and ask questions. Don’t rely on professionally crafted ad campaigns. Create a list of questions you can pose to prospective property management companies.

5. Determine What They Can Offer

As expected, there are different types of property managers, and they all have different types of services. Know what you need and what you are getting before hiring a property manager.

6. Analyze Communication Skills

The best property managers know that communication is key. Only work with a property manager that responds effectively and quickly to your calls. It doesn’t matter if it’s about repair, tenant problems or general concerns. Ensure your chosen property manager has great communication skills, is easy to contact and keeps you updated.

7. Consider all Costs

It’s your investment, which means that all monetary decisions are important. However, this isn’t the only thing you should be concerned about. It is always said that you get what you pay for, and this is especially true when dealing with investment properties. But then again, remember that price is not everything.

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Hire The Services Of Expert Property Manager

It is not a simple decision when you hire the services of a property management company. Do it right, and you will have a management firm that would add to the value of your property and will enhance your budget. A proper company will ensure that you get maximum safety and a comfortable residential living style. The company makes sure that all of such parameters are in check, along with excellent services. However, if you hire the wrong company, you can face financial issues. Apart from financial losses, you can find yourself in conflicts within your committee and friction among your tenants. It is necessary to investigate thoroughly before making this arrangement.

So how would you get a property manager who would provide your strata with the most reliable assistance? We discuss ten critical elements that you should consult with the strata management companies so you can make a smart selection.  

1. The Number of Properties Under the Management

Although the answer cannot fall in either the wrong or right category, it will give you some perspective. A strata manager who has fewer properties to manage can provide more time to you and attend to your requirements. At times resident prefers to go to small companies, feeling they would get more attention from such firms. The assumption is that a small business will have more time in hand than the big companies to manage resident affairs. However, often, that is not the case. A small company has one manager who ends up having the management of many properties. Overwhelmed with the responsibilities, the manager cannot give full time to all concerns and can even go on sick leave. 

A more prominent company has more resources and industry knowledge. They also have connections with most vendors, enabling them to get better services for the community. 

2. What eligibilities do your property managers hold?

The day-to-day operations in the community can bring many situations. You would want to make sure the manager who will be responsible for handling such cases has the qualification and training to handle all circumstances. Search for businesses that give professional and experienced management groups. Those companies that have the space and support for ongoing leadership and development training is a good pick. Because rules and statutes regularly change, assure that your strata manager is part of all current practices training and keeps professional memberships for development programs.

3. Will I have an effortless reach to the administration team?

 You need to work with a firm that you can reach easily at the time of need. A professional management firm is approachable and will take less time to handle any problems. The company will have different ways that you can use to contact them. These firms, especially those that have property management software for direct interaction, are preferred over those who take ages to reply!

4. How often would the company correspond?

A good company will set a schedule to reach out to you for communications. You need a company that makes a proper schedule for all operations such as handling the directive lists, over viewing the monthly financial reports, and matters concerning the health checks of the property. The company should assure attendance in all council meetings as a means to serve the property interest fully. The property management company should also have someone ready to attend to the queries at all times. The right strata management company is the one that has a fully-functional customer service center, available 24/7 to respond to the owner’s questions. It also frees the manager from routine hassles so he can focus on the primary responsibility of administering the property. 

5. How will a strata administrator be chosen for my society? 

All strata companies are distinctive. To give the most excellent assistance, property management firms should have the best manager to meet the requirements of your neighborhood. For instance, if a majority of your community’s tenants speak an international language, you will want a property management company that can cater to the language barries. A right company will provide you a manager who would be fluent in the language that the majority speaks. This language proficiency enables the manager to help the residents with all queries. If you work with a reputable and large company, they will have the resources to find the fitting manager for your strata.

6. What services will you get? 

You will come across many companies that can claim to be a full-service residential firm. However, this claim could mean many things within the business. You should understand the services you will get. Will the management help with the necessary preparation, organizing preventative keeping, and fee collecting? Get a listing of what assistance are in the service package before you contract a property management firm. You should make all matters about the payment clear before you move forward. You should know what you will pay upfront as well as the recurring expenses so that you can select the best services for your community. Lastly, ask for any other help the property management company will provide to the community manager. These include warranty services, human resource help, front desk access, and ongoing training. 

7. What are the stipulations of the contractual agreement?

When you sign a service agreement, it is not a simple document. An agency agreement is a full document that has all the provisions of the arrangements that will determine the services of the strata management company. A firm contract will list down the duties of your management services and put your strata corporation as the principal client of the firm. To support strata committees analyze property management firms reasonably, many strata agencies in BC apply a patterned agreement arranged for members of SPABC. This agreement helps strata councils to understand better and analyze the assistance open to them.

8. Do you have testimonials? 

The most reliable property management firms can give customer testimonials, reviews, and recommendations from the strata they control. Pay close consideration to the client reviews of those services, that you are specifically looking for your property.

9. How do you manage maintenance problems when they emerge?

A reputable property management firm will have systems in place that explicitly explain how they’ll react to maintenance and any other crisis problems that may occur. As we all know, these problems come up when they are the most troublesome. Look out for companies that have some emergency plans in place to deal with the after-hours crisis. Also, find out their working arrangement with the best vendors. You should make sure that the company will be willing to negotiate on your behalf with the vendors and get your best services at reasonable costs. Are they willing to pay the bills for you? If you work with the best property management firm, the services will make sure they provide you with cost-effective solutions that would save your community money. The firms will check for the best services for the maintenance of your community’s goods. 

10. How long have you been handling properties?

Property management businesses may come and go, and this may have you and your council in a dilemma. Locating a property management company that has been in the industry for a long time is an invaluable approach to guarantee that your firm is here to serve

If you require a service that can help your community with legal, accounting, banking, and emergency and repair services, you should look for companies with years of experience under the belt.

The most significant advantage by far for your community is that a business with persistence has most probably confronted and resolved any concern or difficulty your neighborhood has. You can rest assured that there’s no issue big or small that the management services haven’t witnessed before.

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Rent Homes

Why Does Not

Provide Property Maintenance Services Directly does not provide property maintenance services directly (including landscape maintenance) because we believe that providing these services directly creates a conflict of interest with management clients which cannot be addressed satisfactorily.

Management companies have the responsibility (a fiduciary duty) for making certain that their clients receive the greatest value possible for every dollar spent on property maintenance services. This means the management company must make certain that their clients do not pay an excessive billing rate, do not pay for an excessive number of hours billed, do not pay for inferior work, do not pay for unnecessary work, and that maintenance is scheduled so as to minimize the number of service calls in order to minimize your overall cost.

Companies that provide property maintenance services directly are in business to maximize their profit. This legitimate goal is in direct conflict with the property owner’s goal of minimizing maintenance costs. We believe a management company cannot reconcile this conflict of interest if it provides maintenance services to its client. For example, it is possible that the need to meet payroll costs could influence the management company’s judgment as to how much maintenance is “necessary” at your building.

A management company that hires only independent, third party property maintenance companies, such as has the incentive and ability to fully protect property owners without regard to the profitability of the maintenance operation. A management company that directly provides maintenance services may not have the same incentive or ability.

By law, a management company, as agent for the owner, has the duty to put your interest above its own. is in a position to do exactly that. We take our responsibility seriously. Visit: Contractors and Vendors Wanted and Construction Managers Wanted.

Our company owns a 50% interest in, a California Corporation. The company installs and monitors burglar and fire alarm systems in private homes, businesses and other locations. It also installs video surveillance cameras to enhance security on private property. does not provide property maintenance services, and repairs only security related equipment.